Delivery of goods

The delivery of the goods depends on the selection of delivery chosen by the buyer. The buyer has the option to choose “SmartPost parcel terminals” or “I will pick up myself” as a delivery method in Estonia. But the fastest is the “I will pick up myself” option.

If you select “SmartPost parcel terminals”, you will receive the goods on average 2-3 business days from the date of payment to our bank account.

“I will pick up myself” – in case of this choice, you cab pick up goods from Tehnika 24, Tallinn.

If you wish to pick up goods later than the due date indicated on the invoice, do not forget to pay before deadline, as 5 days after the due date, Spets 24 OÜ will cancel this order after the cancellation we can’t guarantee the availability of goods.

NB! The goods are given only to the buyer (to the person who is registered as user and the purchaser). It is very important and necessary that all data entered into the user registration fields is correct and true. The goods are given to the third party only with the prior agreement of the buyer and on the basis of the authorization given by the buyer.